Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my first visit to the club last weekend.
It was such a pleasant change to find a group of friendly like minded people
in one place, with such a good balance of spankers' & spankees'. In the past I
have visited leather & S&M clubs all over Europe which I now find very 'self
centred' and sometimes quite unfriendly places, not so your club.
I hope everyone appreciates just how much work goes into preparing the venue
and I for one will return for my second visit as soon as I can!
With best wishes,

And thanks to everyone who made me so welcome on my first visit too.Andy
I just wanted to extend thanks to everybody who "dealt" with me and
made me feel welcome at the club this afternoon.Just for a point of reference,
I was the chubby guy in the school uniform & goatee.My backside is still very
sore several hours after the event, but I still have a smile on my face!
I have posted a pic of the aftermath in the photos section.Once again, many thanks.

Hi everyone and specialy Lee and Gary,Very nice club that you have set up in there...
Ive been yesterday for the first time and I really enjoyed it ...
I even tried Gary's heavy hand!...hehehee...
Im 29 and in need of a good long session of the good old spanking disicpline
(nothing too hard or brutal) ...
If youre up for it please write!
Bye for now and once again congratulation to Lee and Gary!