Latest News @ Boyz and Sirs


Unfortunately the whole situation regarding opening the Club has changed.
Before an announcement is made, next Tuesday, by Boris We feel postponing the opening of Boyz and Sirs is the responsible thing to do.
Until we're in 'clearer waters' it seems sensible to discourage people from travelling large distances to the city Centre.

Alan is still going ahead with Club C.P. on Tuesday.
We're really sorry for this u turn and all monies will be refunded.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Yours, Lee (bottom) and Gary (top)

PS. If you need further information please E Mail -
or contact Gary on 07939 382 949
All the best,

Lee and Gary

In the meantime there's a test event of Club CP on Tuesday 22nd September.
details of how to book for that event can be found at the Bunker Bar website.