Boarding School At 18

It had been a whirlwind first week for David at St. Dunstans Academy for Boys. From the early morning shower, to lessons, meals, games, prep and lights out, His life was now controlled and ordered by the Masters of the School. The slightest infringement of School rules met with immediate punishment and Here He was in the Headmasters Study, on Friday Punishment duty, waiting for the first of the allotted, six strokes of the cane. As a first timer, He had been allowed the privilege of being caned over His Trousers.

'Well boy, your first week at St. Dunstans and your name appears twice in the punishment book, for general untidiness and for late attendance in Class. This sort of slovenly behaviour will not be tolerated. Bend Over Boy! And touch your toes.'

David obeyed. The tips of His fingers touched the end of His black shoes, and there He waited for the first stroke of the Headmasters cane; the silence broken only by the sound of the cane, swishing through the air as the Headmaster practiced His technique; a few gentle taps of the cane on the grey material tightly stretched over the boys round buttocks; then thwack!!! . A cry of pain as David instinctively leapt into the air clutching His now stinging backside. The stroke had landed dead centre, inflicting pain in equal measure on both cheeks.

Back into position Boy! Did I tell you, you could move.'

'No Sir' Cried David 'but…'

'No buts Boy, do as you're told or you'll receive the rest on the bare.'

'Yes Sir'. The stinging sensation seemed to grow not abate as David moved gingerly back into position, tears welling in His eyes. He clenched His buttocks tightly in readiness for the next stroke of the cane. This time it came without warning. Another cry of pain, but somehow David managed to remain in position. If it hurt this much with His trousers on what would it be like on the bare, He thought. As David waited through gritted teeth for the third stroke, His mind sped back to a time less than four weeks ago. He was at home, opening the letter containing His A Level results, a letter that would eventually lead Him to St Dunstans College and His current predicament.

It was with some trepidation that David had opened that fateful letter. Despite what He had said to His parents He knew in His heart of hearts that he had probably failed to get the necessary grades to get into the university of choice. As he fumbled with the envelope, how He now regretted all those wasted hours watching TV, playing Computer games and hanging out with His friends, when He should have been revising.

However, it was worse than even He had expected. David stared in disbelieve as the reality of the situation slowly sunk in. Not only had He underachieved, as expected. He had failed all but one of His exams. There was no chance of a university place now. All His dreams and plans lay in ruins and worst of all He must now tell His parents who were waiting expectantly for Him in the Kitchen, ready to congratulate their son, the University undergraduate. They had no reason to believe He had not passed. He had reassured them when they had questioned His commitment in the run up to the exams. The exams had gone fine, He said. Now, the truth was unavoidable.

David felt as much ashamed as disappointed. He was to be the first member of the family to go to university and He knew how much His going meant to His parents as well as to Himself. They had supported and encouraged him throughout School and he had let them and Himself down. Unable to say anything He simply handed them the letter. True to form, they were once again looking on the positive side, being supportive. They would help Him find a job, it wasn't the end of the world not going to University. Yet He could see how bitterly disappointed they were. They wanted their son to go to university almost as much as He did. Indeed David wanted to go to University more than anything. He decided, in His mind, then and there to go back to School and retake His Exams.

However, bent over, in the Headmasters Study with two painful cane marks on His backside and four more to come wasn't quite what David had, had in mind!! The third and fourth strokes followed in quick succession with barely time to react to the searing pain running through His body. Once again David felt the gentle tap of the cane on His trouser clad bottom as if were searching for a spot that had yet to be hit. Then that now familiar sound of the cane flying through the air and David once more tensed His body in preparation for the next Strike. 'Ahh…' He cried and despite His best efforts once more sprang up in pain.

'Well boy, what did I tell you. Now trousers down, and just count yourself lucky I don't give you all six strokes again.' David was openly crying now but He knew better than to argue with the Headmaster and simply did, as He was hold, pulling His trousers and white briefs down as He, once more, assumed the position. David had no time to gather himself before the final stroke expertly found its target, leading to more to more cries of pain and tears on the boys face.

'You may get up now and I hope that's a lesson well learnt'

'Yes Sir, thank you sir' cried the whimpering boy.

'Good. Now straight to be bed with you and send the next boy in.'

Slowly and painfully David stood, gingerly pulling up his trousers at the same time. Without another word He left the Headmasters study. Turning to the boy standing outside the Headmasters office David simply mumbled ' good luck, Ben.'

Thanks, I think I'll need it' replied His ashen faced friend who had heard, if not seen David's Punishment. With that David made His way back to the dorm, changed into His pyjamas and got into bed. As he lay on His stomach, desperately trying to soothe His aching bottom with His hands David's mind, once more, turned back to home.

Days had gone by since he had opened that letter but not a word had been said since on the subject of work or School. Then suddenly David's parents called Him into the Kitchen for a family meeting about His future. He had to make the choice of returning to School or finding a job. Without a moments hesitation, David chose the latter. But His Father hadn't finished. If he chose to back to School it couldn't be the local High School where He had so clearly failed. They had been looking into the matter and had found a boarding School that had a special department for boys like David, boys who have failed their A levels. A department that would help Him achieve His full potential. They felt that as parents they had been too lenient with Him and if He stayed at home He would be subjected to all the same temptations as before. That was the choice He had to make, go out to work or Boarding School for a year. Though taken by surprise by this latest development, there was no choice. David Chose Boarding School.

With that David's Father produced a brochure for St Dunstans School for boys in North Yorkshire. Miles away from home, it suddenly seemed all the more exciting, almost like going to University, and hopefully with all the freedoms that that entailed. However, as He began to read the brochure it soon became clear that this was to be no picnic. It spoke of a strict academic regime and of firm discipline, of rules that must be obeyed at all times and a strict uniform code. Worst of all, at the bottom of the application form was a disclaimer to be signed by Himself and His parents permitting the use of Corporal punishment if deemed necessary by the staff. Well, it never did me any harm, said His Father and if you get your head down and do as your told it shouldn't be a problem. Reluctantly, David signed.

Now, less than a week into His new school life David knew exactly what he had let Himself in for. The work load was already massive, but not too difficult. And after all, that is what He was here for. The strict, rigid daily routine with its high emphasis on discipline and obedience, although at first a shock now seemed quite normal and reassuring, allowing David to concentrate on His work. In fact, He couldn't imagine life without it. The wealds now forming on His still sore backside would serve a constant reminder for some days to come that He was at School to work and that all rules were there to be obeyed.

A few moments later the Dormitory door opened and in walked Ben. David watched as his friend slowly walked across the floor to the bed next to His. Without saying a word Ben began to undress, carefully folding up His clothes and laying them on the bedside chair in the manner set out in the School rules. Finally, Ben slowly removed His trousers and white briefs trying to avoid any painful contact with the six symmetrical lines that lay across beaten backside. David's cock stirred as he viewed the sight on His friends, punishment. He wanted to reach out and touch the weald marks clearly visible in the dim light of the Dormitory. For what seemed like an age David stared at His friends caned orbs, a visual reminder of His own aching backside. Then Ben, now fully naked turned round, revealing His own erect manhood in all its glory. Without a word, David grabbed the throbbing member with His right hand and guided it gently into His hungry mouth. His tongue greedily lapped the throbbing dong resulting in groans of pleasure from the standing boy. Slowly, Ben pushed David back onto the bed, His cock still firmly placed in His friends' mouth. As the two boys lay side by side, Ben sought out David's own hot rod. For what seemed like an age, there the boys lay, united in the ecstasy of hot boy cock being worked by a willing mouth and the ever present burning sensation of a heavily caned arse. Suddenly, Ben sprang up and pushed His partner onto His front, just in time for a cry of sheer pleasure as His man juice poured onto the marked orbs of His friend. Lovingly He then rubbed the sticky white fluid into David's warm flesh as if it were a soothing balm. As soon as He was finished, Ben lay on His front allowing David to reciprocate the act, which He did with sheer relish and pleasure. It was now just before 9.30 pm and Ben quickly returned to His own bed; knowing that the rest of the boys in their dorm would soon be arriving before lights out at 10.00pm. Before falling into a peaceful sleep David's thoughts turned, once more, from the joy of the last few moments, back to home.

Well, the decision had been made, and perhaps it wasn't as bad as it sounded thought David. Anyway, the decision had been made and in due course He found himself with His Mother at the School outfitters in Central London to buy the St Dunstans School Uniform. A grey Blazer with red piping and the School crest on the pocket; a pullover with matching piping; regulation grey shirts. It seemed a little old fashioned and childish, but then everyone else would be wearing it, so David shrugged His doubts aside. However, it was with horror that he faced the next items on the list. Grey, regulation Short trousers; white briefs; long red socks for winter and short red socks for summer.

'But I can't wear those' stammered David. 'I'll look stupid.'

'Oh yes you can, and you will' replied His Mother in a stern voice which He knew meant, no arguments. 'In fact I think you'd better try them on for size.'

'But mum!'

'No buts my boy, We haven't all day' And with that David was led to the changing room to try on His new uniform which was rounded off with regulation, black shoes. David gingerly stepped out of the changing room, His face blushing a deep red, only to find His humiliation complete as a grey and red School Cap with the St Dunstans badge proudly displayed on the front, was placed on His head. Totally resigned to His fate, David looked into the full, length mirror at the shop and saw an overgrown Schoolboy staring back at Him. However, as he got used to the site of seeing Himself in short trousers and long socks David had to admit He looked quite good. His slim, boyish figure seemed to suit the uniform and for once He was pleased by His lack of Pubic hair as he stared down at His Smooth, bare legs.

'Well you do look smart,David' said His Mother, obviously pleased at the sight of her son in His new School uniform.

'Perhaps We should have kept you in short trousers throughout your time at High School, they do suit you.

'Mum!' David protested, aghast at the thought of His old School friends seeing Him dressed like this. But underneath He was secretly pleased with His new Uniform. He imagined other boys, His age all wearing the same uniform and the growth inside His trousers clearly pointed out the fact he couldn't wait to see the reality at St. Dunstans. As David got changed His mother bought the rest of His Uniform including white vest and shorts for PE.

Once at Home David rushed upstairs to His bedroom. As he lay on His bed He imagined what it would be like at His new School with it strict rules and short trouser uniform. It was as if he were being allowed to start His childhood again as well as retake His A Levels. His excitement at the anticipation of His new life ahead, was showing in the bulge of His white briefs. Slowly He removed His growing manhood form its cotton cover and began to massage His aching cock and balls. A serge of pleasure filled His body as he imagined himself standing in St. Dunstans School Yard, surrounded by similarly dressed 18 and 19 year old School boys all being ordered what to do, like a group of little boys on their first day at prep School!! The thought of what was to come was too much and soon He was frantically pumping His ever, hardening shaft. Moments later David arched His back and let out a groan of pleasure and His Man Juice spurted out of His body, high into the air before landing on His Smooth chest. It was a moment of pure joy at the anticipation of life at St Dunstans. And it was one that was to be repeated on numerous occasions as the countdown to His first day at boarding school began.

Two weeks later David found Himself standing on the platform at Kings Cross saying goodbye to His parents. As he gave His tearful mother a final hug David was well aware of the stares and sniggers of the other commuters at the sight of an 18 year old dressed like a little Prep Schoolboy. But he didn't care. This was His last chance to get to University and if meant a little humiliation along the way, so be it. By the time He got to York David had become aware of other similarly dressed boys, mostly much younger than Him. However, to His growing alarm, all wore long trousers! Perhaps His parents had got it wrong and he was going to be the only boy in short trousers at the School. A wave of panic, not to mention sheer embarrassment swept over David as He changed trains at York. What if he was the only boy dressed like this. He had no long trousers with Him. It would be Christmas before He was able to correct the mistake. All He could think of was the constant ribbing He would get at School from the other boys. Standing on the platform, waiting for the train to St. Dunstans Village, David cut a forlorn figure as He frantically looked around for other boys in short trousers, but to no avail. There were plenty of other boys dressed in the same uniform, but with one important exception. And all seemed to looking, pointing and laughing at Him. Red faced and totally humiliated, David mounted the train, which would take Him to His new School. Suddenly, a feeling of relief swept over Him as he was greeted by a smiling figure, already seated in the carriage. 'Hi, I'm Ben', said the boy who was also dressed in St. Dunstans School uniform, and with short trousers! Without hesitation David sat next to His new School mate and both boys immediately began to express their feelings of relief at meeting someone else dressed in short trousers after such a lonely and embarrassing journey.

They soon became firm friends as they exchanged life stories. In no time at all they found themselves on the coach taking them on their final leg of the journey to their new life at St. Dunstans School for boys. By now they had been joined by over a dozen similarly dressed boys and the mood was almost euphoric after the earlier apprehension of the journey. When they finally arrived at the school the A Level retake students were taken to their own dormitories, which were set apart from the main School. There were two dormitories with 10 beds in each. David and Ben made sure they got beds next to each other. After unpacking their suitcases the twenty new students were lead to the dining hall and shown to their own allotted table. With safety in numbers, they were able to take, in good part, the wolf whistles and caustic comments that greeted their arrival from the rest of the school. After dinner, they were led to the main lecture hall where they were greeted by the Head Master and introduced to their Form Masters. Each boy was left in no doubt that they were here to learn as the Headmaster outlined the strict School rules, code of conduct and busy timetable that would govern each day. After that there was little time before lights out at 10.00pm for the boys to discuss what had been said. But as David lay in bed, on His first night he knew he had made the right decision to come to this School.

At 8 o'clock the next morning, David's School life began in earnest. By this time, according to the rules laid out the night before, each boy was expected to have got out of and made their bed; folded their pyjamas under their pillow; and be waiting at the foot of the bed for the Housemaster, Mr Simmons, to make His inspection. One boy, who thought He could get away with a few more minutes sleep; was unceremoniously turned out of bed by the Housemaster. The hapless boy was then thrown over Mr Simmons knee and with His Pyjama bottoms round His ankles, was given a sound spanking, with the housemasters' firm hand. As the helpless boys buns turned a deeper red, no one was left in any doubt that any infringement of rules would not be tolerated. A group of anxious boys then waited as Mr Simmons made His inspection of the Dormitory. Most were told that their attempts at bed making and general tidiness of their clothes was simply not up to standard. The sight of the chastised boys' burning arse was a clear indication of what to expect if things did not approve. With a sense of urgency the 10 naked boys then marched in silence to the showers before returning to the dorm, to dress before breakfast.

After, that alarming start to the day, David soon relaxed into the routine of lessons and by lunchtime the shock of seeing His Dorm mate spanked seemed like a distant memory. It was a lovely, hot day and once outside in the School playground David rolled down His long socks, took off His blazer and joined in a game of football. In no time at all the School bell rang once more and the boys all rushed off to their afternoon classes. These were a mixture of classes with, the 'regular' A level students and private classes for the re-take boys alone. David's first class in the afternoon was a 'regular' class. He lined up outside the classroom laughing and talking with the other boys waiting for the teacher to arrive before being led into the classroom in a quiet orderly fashion. As the boys walked into the class David was pulled aside by the teacher, who made Him stand at the front of the class. It was then, that he realised that He had not pulled up his socks and tucked His shirt back into His trousers. Quickly, He tried to rectify the situation but it was too late. 'I will not tolerate this sort of slovenly appearance in my class' said the stern faced teacher. David's face grew a deep red as all eyes focused on His predicament and the anticipation of what might happen. 'Untidy in appearance, untidy in work,' David heard the teacher say. Surely He wouldn't be punished in front of the 'regular' A level students. 'Your name will go in the Friday punishment book, now sort yourself out and sit down'. Almost with relief David did as He was told and the lesson began. It was only later in the day that He found out what Friday punishment actually entailed. The fear of his first visit to the Headmasters' study certainly focused David's mind on work and adherence to all School rules. However, His uneasiness was lifted slightly when He learnt that Ben's name had also been entered into the Friday punishment book for a similar offence.

For the next couple of days David avoided further punishment, but Ben couldn't keep out of trouble. On Thursday, just before morning break, He was given twelve strokes of the slipper on the bare, in front of the entire A level retake students as a result of His persistent talking in class. It was to serve as a warning to other not to follow His example. Furthermore, His name was added, once more to the Friday punishment book.

Ben was anxious to show David his still red bum before the marks faded and likewise, David was keen to see the result of the hard slippering. The two boys rushed to a distant classroom where they knew they wouldn't be interrupted. Ben slowly pulled down His trousers and briefs and bent over to reveal His still glowing orbs in all their glory. David placed His hands gently on the reddened surface and began to massage the punished area, feeling the warmth emanating from Bens behind. A feeling of calm pleasure overcame David and He lowered His own trousers. Freed from its constraints, His Cock sprang to attention. Gently, at first, David then began to spank Bens' behind. A grunt of delight greeted each spank from the already chastised boy. The grunts grew in intensity as David increased the force of His blows. With His free, right hand David then grabbed Bens throbbing member and began to work it as He continued spanking with His left. His own cocked ached for the same treatment and Ben obliged by grabbing David's stiff rod. For what seemed like an age the boys moved together in unison, in a frenzy of spanking and wanking. Ben, His arse glowing with pain and ecstasy could finally hold back no longer and David, sensing His friends' imminent release thrust Bens' hot cock into His mouth; just in time to swallow the torrent of man juice that gushed down His throat. Having licked his friend dry, David then stood up, forcing His own cock into the mouth of the spent boy. Once more, Ben obliged by sucking the swollen member hastening the release of cum down His own throat.

At that moment the faint sound of the School bell rang. Forced back into reality, David and Ben quickly dressed and rushed to their next class; luckily the teacher was five minutes late and they made the line outside the classroom just in time. However, as he entered the classroom, a wave of panic came over David. He suddenly realised that He was in the wrong class! He was supposed to be in English with Mr Simmons. In the ecstasy of the past few moments He had simply followed Ben without thinking. A mad dash across the school playground and David found Himself in the correct classroom, albeit ten minutes late. He was greeted with a simple, 'see me after class.' David knew He was once more in trouble.

After, what seemed a lifetime, David found himself alone with Mr Simmons.

'As you are well aware lateness will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Your name will be entered in the Friday punishment book as laid down by the school rules.' As the teacher spoke he pulled His chair out from behind His desk and sat down. 'Further more, for wasting ten minutes of my time you will now receive 10 minutes spanking time followed by ten strokes of the slipper. Now trousers down and over my knee boy.' David complied, without hesitation and soon found Himself in the required spanking position. Before commencing with the punishment Mr Simmons pulled a small timer from His pocket, it was set for 10 minutes. The countdown had begun. Mr Simmons pulled down David's white cotton briefs and commenced, the spanking.

Slowly at first, as if feeling His way, Mr Simmons began to work on David's smooth arse. Each spank, penetrating more into the now pink flesh. David was helpless in the vice like grip of the teacher. Firmly locked into position, all he could do was grit His teeth and clench His buttocks as a feeble barrier against the non-stop onslaught on His beleaguered orbs. A quick look at the timer showed that barely two minutes had passed and, already His arse ached from the continuous pounding. 10 minutes was indeed a very long time to be spanked. The skilful spanker alternated between a steady, rhythm of hard blows, with short, rapid spanks on each buttock. The latter resulted in a desperate cry as David struggled to escape from the growing pain. But all resistance was futile. Cries now greeted each spank as tears welled in David's eyes. Finally, a small ring from the timer signalled the end of His allotted 10 minutes. Without a word David was set on His feet. Automatically He rubbed His red, hot orbs in a vain attempt to ease the pain.

With barely time to recover, David was ordered to bend over the desk. As he did so, David saw Mr Simmons open the desk draw and take out His slipper. With His arse still burning David wasn't sure if he could take any more. He held His breath as the first blow landed, dead centre. He greeted this and the subsequent nine blows with a grunt of pain. Each cry louder, more desperate than the last. Somehow, David found the will to remain in position and finally the punishment ended. Barely able to stand David pulled up His pants and trousers and thanked Mr Simmons. It certainly was a lesson He wasn't going to forget in a hurry. Under no circumstances am I going to be late for class again, thought the severely chastised boy.

As soon as David left the classroom He went in search of Ben for some much needed comfort and TLC. After all, His arse was burning and would be for some time to come. The thought of sitting down was not an option to be had for the time being. And to cap it all, the next day He had to report to the Headmasters Study for His first ever caning!

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