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Lying in bed, flicking through his collection of old Scouting books, Scott felt a pang of regret and longing at the sight of all those young men in tight fitting short trousers and smart knee length long socks; especially when compared to the 'trendy' uniform of today's Scouting movement. He kept finding himself drawn to one picture in particular. It showed a stern looking Scout Master sitting with a teenage Boy Scout over his knee. The Scoutmaster was giving the boy a sound spanking and from the look on the boys' face it was obvious that this was no token punishment but one designed to get through to where it hurts. Scott tried to imagine himself in the boys' position and felt a stirring in his loins. Furthermore this image reminded Scott of his own spankings at the hand of Father a strict traditionalist.

Called into his father's study having changed, if necessary, into his School uniform, Scott would then be told why he had to be punished before being drawn over his Fathers knee to begin the spanking . Scott never got used to the searing pain as his Father's right hand beat down over his Short trouser clad butt cheeks. His father would always begin slowly, taking His time between each strike as if He were measuring up his target. Before long the pace would quicken and the burning sensation emanating from Scott's' rear would begin to grow. He tried not to cry out, but once His trousers had been lowered, with only his white cotton briefs for protection, Scott couldn't help himself. He would try to break free but his Fathers grip would keep Him firmly in place. No amount of pleading for forgiveness or exclamations of how sorry He was would divert His Father from His purpose. The final round of punishment would always take place on the bare. The removal of His briefs was always a moment of dread for Scott. He knew the punishment on His already painful arse would be that much harder, and now there was to be no protection from the pain metered out by His Father's hand. As Scott's butt cheeks grew an ever deeper red, the tears would roll down his face, his cries for forgiveness would go unheeded. This had been a regular part of his life up to the age of 13 when Scott moved from middle to senior school and finally out of short trousers, into longs . At the time it was a relief to be dressed as the other boys . For almost two years He had been the only boy in his year at School still in short trousers and as a result had been the butt of many cruel jokes . He was always made to wear short trousers at home and when He went to His Scout meetings , which again had been the source of constant embarrassment . Now five years on , at the age of 18 , and his final year at school , Scott missed those simpler , boyhood days .He often felt that a sound , over the knee spanking would be much preferable to the grounding or loss of pocket money which were now the usual methods of punishment . Furthermore He had recently been made an assistant Scout leader and now had the problem of keeping a group of unruly , younger teenagers in order . Again , how much simpler life would be if He could administer some traditional discipline to help maintain order just like the Scout master in the picture . With these thoughts in mind Scott closed the book and turned off his bedroom light . He had a busy day the next day at Scouts helping to organise the next camping trip .

However, Scott's cock had been stirred into action. With the memories of his childhood days, the picture in the Scouting book and his overwhelming desire to return to short trouser past, firmly on His mind Scott began Instinctively to gently stoke his growing member and caress his now aching balls. His hand began to move in a steady rhythm on His erect shaft now lubricated by his pre cum juice. Faster and faster, spurred on by his desire and need. Within the space of a few moments Scott could contain himself no longer and shot his thick creamy load high into the air and watched it land on his flat, hairless chest. With a deep sense of pleasure and relief Scott rubbed His man juice into his body before turning over and falling into a fitful sleep.

The next morning Scott woke to find that his alarm clock had failed to go off and was faced with the prospect of being late for the Scout meeting. Within ten minutes He was washed and dressed and running down the street to the bus stop. But despite his Herculean efforts He was still over half an hour late when He finally arrived at the Scout hut door. He knew Mr Dunn, the Scout leader would not be impressed. 'Not a good start to your new position as assistant Scout leader is it Scott' he could hear Mr Dunn say.

Scott was all ready with his words of apology when He was stopped in his tracks at the sight that greeted him on opening the Scout hut door. It was as if He had gone back in time. He stared, opened mouthed, at the sight of traditionally clad Cubs and Scouts in their smart khaki uniforms of short sleeve shirts, short trousers and knee length socks held up with green trimmed garters. It was like a picture out of the old Scout annual he had been reading the previous night. Before He had time to gather his thoughts Scott heard the authoritative voice of Mr Dunn, booming across the hall from his office. 'Your late, and where's your traditional Scout uniform boy?. You're the one who's always going on about returning to traditional Scout values and now you're the one whose let the troop down'. Scott turned towards the sound of the voice and was greeted by a traditional clad Mr Dunn striding across the hall towards him. Scott blushed with embarrassment. It didn't make sense. He knew nothing about the uniform change. At the same time He felt a stirring in His groin as he surveyed the magnificent form of Mr Dunn in His short trouser uniform; the tight fit emphasising a body that was well looked after. 'I'm sorry sir, I didn't realise ...' Scott mumbled 'Never mind that now boy We've got too much work to do this morning preparing for next weeks Scout camp. But report to my office after the meeting.' With that Mr Dunn turned and strode back into his office leaving Scott to face the looks and comments from the other boys.

That morning went by in a haze of activity as Scott helped organise the final preparations for the Scout Camp. He felt stupid being the only one in modern Scout uniform, why had no-one told him?, He soon learnt why from the other boys. The idea to have a Traditional Scouting Weekend had been taken up and agreed upon at the last annual general meeting, three weeks ago. Scott had been absent from the meeting because of illness. On His return the following week, Scott arranged a meeting with Mr Dunn so he could be filled in on what had happened in his absence; but Scott had failed to show, distracted by a film on TV he had been desperate to see for some time. An angry Mr Dunn had phoned His Father who had grounded him for the rest of the week because of His 'irresponsibility' and 'thoughtlessness'. He never did find out what was decided at the meeting. Now he knew. It was all His own fault that, once more, He had failed in His duties as a Scout leader.

At the end of the day Scott found himself in Mr Dunn's office receiving a long lecture about 'responsibility' and 'being given one more chance'. Scott was only half listening. Instead, He marvelled at the sight of Mr Dunn in his traditional Scout uniform; badges proudly displayed on the arms and chest of his khaki, short sleeved shirt; its tight fit emphasising the firm ripe muscles of its wearer; the long khaki socks leading to those bared Muscular thighs; and who knows what pleasures lay behind those tight fitting short trousers. Scott thought he could see a knowing bulge pressing against the light trouser material. It certainly was against his own trousers; his own cock responding to this wondrous sight by pushing against the lining of his white briefs.

Suddenly Scott was thrown out of his reverie with the words 'traditional punishment' and 'Fathers permission'. Did He hear right or was it just His own vivid imagination returning once more to those pictures in his Scout annual. Before He had time to think Scott found Himself thrown over the knee of Mr Dunn. The first hard stroke of the Scout leaders hand came down on his pert behind leaving Scott in no doubt that He was, indeed, about to receive a 'Traditional punishment' for the first time in five years.

This is what He'd been dreaming about at night, and the dream was now reality. Just like the boy in the picture in the Scout annual, Scott was receiving an over the knee spanking. His cock responded and his balls ached for relief but Scott was in no position to do anything about it. The pounding continued and His feelings of pleasure and contentment turned to discomfort as Mr Dunn's hand began to make its mark. Scott began to squirm against the pain inflicted on his now sore butt cheeks but to no avail. 'Keep still, I haven't started on you yet boy' came the response, as the Scout leader kept the recalcitrant boy firmly under his grip.

Suddenly, the beating stopped, and Scott found himself standing face to face with Mr Dunn. He wanted desperately to rub His hands on His sore bum, to relieve the pain but Scott remained still, arms by his side. waiting for the next instalment of His punishment. From the look on Mr Dunn's face He knew that this was just the start of his punishment. 'Well boy, through your laziness and irresponsibility you came to Scouts dressed in the wrong uniform. I never want to see you in that uniform again. Do you understand boy?'. 'Yes Sir' Scott replied, unsure of what He meant. 'Well take it off then boy and then We can continue with your punishment'. 'But Sir....'. Now he understood, but embarrassed by the prospect of standing naked in front of Mr Dunn, Scott hesitated. 'You'll do as you're told for once, if you know what's good for you'. Scott needed no further warning and quickly undressed retaining only his white cotton briefs for protection. But much to his embarrassment they could not hide the bulge of his throbbing member as it tried to escape the confines of the thin cotton. Thankfully Mr Dunn didn't seem to notice and once more Scott found himself over the knee of the Scout leader, this time with only his cotton briefs for protection against the oncoming spanking onslaught.

This time the pain inflicted on his backside was more intense; His butt cheeks grew an ever deepening red and Scott couldn't help but cry out in pain as the spanking grew faster and harder and the heat emanating from his backside grew hotter. 'Keep quiet boy, or It'll be the worse for you'. With that Mr Dunn expertly pulled down Scott's last remaining means of protection and continued the punishment on Scott's naked red bum. Despite the pain Scott's throbbing cock was sent to new heights of ecstacy as it found itself resting against the thigh of His tormentor. His body ached for relief; from the dual agony of his burning arse and his throbbing cock. Scott's plaintive cries turned into pleas for forgiveness. 'Sorry Sir!. I'll be more responsible Sir!. I'll be a good boy Sir!!'

Finally His pleas were heeded and, once more, Scott found himself standing face to face with Mr Dunn. This time He couldn't help but rubb his burning backside, a vain attempt to alleviate the pain. 'Hurt does it boy?'. 'Yes Sir', cried Scott as he fought back the tears welling up in his eyes. He felt totally humiliated as he stood there naked, his butt cheeks glowing. But worse of all he could no longer hide His excited organ as it stood to attention oozing pre cum. Scott bowed His head in shame and couldn't help notice the enormous bulge in Mr Dunn's Short trousers. It seems that his cock was not the only one to get excited by recent events.

A rush of ecstasy ran through Scott's whole boy as he felt the warm hand of Mr Dunn gently caress his balls and cock. He desperately fought His desire to shoot his load there and then as he found himself being led by the cock over to the desk. 'We'll deal with this later. But first to finish your punishment'. With that Scott found himself bent over the desk with his still aching arse thrust into the air awaiting its final punishment. 'Twelve strokes with the plimsoll should do nicely. I want you to count each one and thank me for them. Do you understand boy?'. 'Yes Sir, thank you Sir'. Twelve strokes?, that didn't sound too bad after the pounding he had just received. But the first stroke soon threw Scott out of his mood of complacency and He let out a cry of pain as the plimsoll beat hard against His left butt cheek. Automatically Scott shot up, grabbing his painful backside. 'Get back into position boy' Mr Dunn barked. Despite the pain Scott immediately did as he was told. He knew by the tone of Mr Dunn's voice that there was no room for argument. He must take His punishment, no matter how painful. 'Furthermore you failed to count boy, so you will receive that stroke again'. Scott gasped but rather than protest He braced Himself for the oncoming onslaught on his bruised and battered backside. Thwack ... 'One Sir, thank you sir', Scott cried through gritted teeth. And so the punishment continued, Scott using all His will power and strength to stay in position and count. Even His excited member lost its rigidity at the extreme pain being inflicted.

Soon it was all over. Scott remained in position tears rolling down his face. 'Thank you for my punishment Sir, I'll behave from now on Sir, I promise' he whimpered. Mr Dunn responded to these words of atonement and subjugation by gently caressing the flaming arse of the boy. Scott responded with moans of pleasure as the pain in his backside began to subside and a warm feeling of pleasure enveloped his whole body. His cock once more responded and returned to a state of full erection, demanding relief . . It was if Mr Dunn had read his mind and Scott felt the firm grip of Mr Dunn's hand round his throbbing member. The hand slowly began to move up and down the boys erect shaft leading Scott once more to cry out, but this time in pleasure, not pain; His pre cum acting as a lubricant for the firm hand working his cock.

The sound of Scott's moans of pleasure was only broken by the sound of a belt being undone and trousers falling to the floor. Scott now found Mr Dunn's own erection gently rubbing against his still burning arse cheeks sending shivers of pleasure through his body. It probed further and further until it found its intended target and gently worked its way inside Scott's virgin tight arse hole. Scott cried out in pain at this intrusion into His body, but at the same time He quivered in delight at this new experience. In response, Scott thrust his flaming arse out further, taking more of this throbbing member into his body. Soon, the gentle pumping of Mr Dunn's hand on Scott's throbbing hard on was matched the movement of Mr Dunns cock inside his once virgin hole. Both man and boy became one in ecstasy as the pumping became harder, faster, more urgent. Suddenly Mr Dunn pulled His aching cock out of the boy and with a cry of pure delight released his load over the boys' flaming red cheeks. Scott, immediately replied in kind by shedding his cum over hands of the Scout Leader. Mr Dunn proceeded to rub the man juice over Scott's arse, soothing his still painful backside.

This was to be the beginning of Scott's new life as a traditional boy Scout. He promised to behave and act more responsibly in future, and now knew what to expect otherwise!!. Somehow both Scott, and Mr Dunn knew He could never live up to his promise !!.

The End

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